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Loren Seagrave  Founder of "Velocity Sports"

"In addition to unparalleled comfort, ProKinetics® Insoles deliver true performance improvements unlike anything I have ever experienced.  Because the ProKinetics design changes the way your brain perceives the ground, I consider ProKinetics® Insoles to be the only "intelligent insole" in that it constantly reminds your body how to align itself so you can perform at your best.  Whether you're a world class athlete, weekend warrior, or just want to feel better on your feet, try ProKinetics®"

Kinetic Technology Makes Good Sense
By Loren Seagrave 
Founder Velocity Sports.

"As the founder of Velocity Sports, I set out to offer my future customers an alternative to the mainstream approach. I wanted to make available a training environment and methods that were both different and more effective.

When it comes to speed training, I had much in common with the shoe industry. There had not been any significant breakthrough technologies in decades. Strength training was being touted for everything - much like arch supports seem to be the solution for every foot problem. Not many years ago a critic of the footwear industry who was well aware of the new materials, cushioning and motion control stated there had been nothing new in the footwear industry since the invention of the Brannock foot measuring system and standardization of shoe sizes

Bill Rossi, bless his soul, may have been overly critical, but now, there is a new breakthrough in the footwear industry.  The technology came from the medical arena, so the new ProKinetics® brand already has a track record of resolving foot mechanics and posture related pain ranging from basic ball of foot pain to Plantar Fasciitis through shin splints, knee and low back pain. Since so much depends on proper foot mechanics the list is actually much longer and more impressive.

I volunteered to endorse the ProKinetics® simply because their approach makes inherent sense to me and combines easily with what I know and have been teaching for years about fully utilizing the neuromuscular system to attain better athletic performance. Although Speed Dynamics was designed solely with speed in mind, most performance factors and even basic health depends on an optimized neuromuscular system.

For decades every athletic trainer and coach put their athletes through rigorous strength training, believing from listening to the common wisdom that strength was the key to speed. But, as most coaches can testify, the results were not very consistent. I had long suspected that speed was a neural issue, not how strong the muscles were, but how fast the athlete could get them to respond. We trained the neuromuscular system for speed - "we got the brain connected to the muscles in a faster way". 

This is why ProKinetics® is different. The insole changes the perception the brain has of the ground and it modifies the signals controlling the feet. ProKinetics® has opened up an entirely new way of thinking by better understanding the structural and neuromuscular system. They have pointed out why excessive pronation occurs. In hindsight, it is hard to believe that supination, especially pre mid- stance supination that really exposes the ankles, has not been understood better as it is now explained by the neurological system overcompensating for excessive pronation. When I started looking at the big picture of foot motion, gait mechanics and posture, all of a sudden the lack of success so many athletes have with orthotics became clear. It was like finding the solution to speed once again.

For your customers the implications are dramatic. For years you have done your utmost to help your customers with conventional tools. Many of your customers may have seen positive results for the first 4-8 weeks followed by a setback when pain and symptoms have returned.

With ProKinetics you can plan on having a blast helping your customers overcome their pain problems permanently. You will have the pleasure of seeing their first response because ProKinetics makes a difference right from the start. When I call it the first "Intelligent Insole" I mean it, because only the brain can cause that quick of a change in gait and posture. 

I sincerely encourage you to pick up the ProKinetics line for your customers. I believe it is a sure way to cement your relationship with your current customers and receive a lot of new sales opportunities through referrals." 

Loren Seagrave also known as the "Godfather of speed", is an Olympic and five-time NCAA Track & Field Champion coach. He has coached and mentored over 50 Olympic and World Championship medal winners, first round NFL draft picks and professionals from virtually every sport.  Loren is the co-creator of the Speed Dynamics Instructional Video Series and the founder of Velocity Sports Performance.

Dr Alex Catto DPM

At first I purchased a few dozen to try on my patients, and the results were nothing short of astounding.

"For decades I have made traditional orthotics for my patients. Although it was state-of-the-art, I knew some patients were more successful with the orthotics than others, so when I read about this new approach in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies in 2002 it peaked my curiosity. The article made sense to me.

After 30 years in practice, it takes a lot to get me enthusiastic, but that's what happened! I contacted Posture Dynamics, the makers of Posture Control Insoles® and ProKinetics®Natural Body Balance™ Insoles. At first I purchased a few dozen to try on my patients, and the results were nothing short of astounding. Not only were the results consistently better than those achieved with traditional orthotics, but these insoles were comfortable and fit in ordinary shoes. We, of course, have a different medical system here in the UK, so finding inexpensive solutions is an advantage I am greatly enjoying providing."

Dr. Alex G. Catto DPM is a registered Podiatrist in England who operates a private podiatry practice in Surry UK. Alex also imports and distributes Posture Control Insoles® to the UK and Ireland. In spite of being a podiatrist, Dr Catto has been far more successful in providing insoles to a large network of chiropractors and alternative therapists.

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD

"It makes good sense to try ProKinetics® Insoles first."

Musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain is by far the most common complaint and main reason for visits to the doctor's office. I see mostly severe, chronic cases ranging from foot and lower extremity pain to back and neck pain, and many of these patients have tried custom orthotics or even had unsuccessful back surgery. I zero in on posture and gait mechanics, and fit most of my patients (85%) with ProKinetics Insoles to bring them back to a healthier posture. Starting with ProKinetics Insoles makes my other treatment methods more effective because my patients no longer have the high degree of muscle tension and pain caused by excessive hyperpronation and poor posture.

My personal transformation to exclusively treat chronic pain patients required an expanded perspective on medicine. I met Dr. Brian Rothbart in the mid 90s, who showed me that poor posture was frequently caused by excessive pronation and was the cause of most musculoskeletal pain. I took Dr. Rothbart's correlation between excessive pronation, poor posture and chronic pain and reviewed my patient population for excessive pronation. I discovered that 100% of my patients excessively pronated. I have not found one in more than three years who did not.

Looking at pronation as a root problem caused me to re-evaluate why other very common treatments for back pain resulting from excessive pronation fail so frequently - take arch supports for example. Yes, arch supports "support" your feet but that only makes them weaker. It may make your feet feel better and even ease the spasms in your back temporarily. However, arch supports only support your feet at midstance so your gait and stance will largely remain distorted. Understanding posture has really changed the way physicians can provide faster and better treatment to people suffering from great pain.

If you are just experiencing your first aches or you suspect that your posture is poor because you hyperpronate, by all means give ProKinetics Insoles a try. Don't let your condition deteriorate. If left untreated, the body will try to compensate to eliminate the pain which over time will lead to new, often different and worse pain. These pain-compensation cycles will continue until treated or until the body breaks down. By this time the disease may impact digestion, incontinence, heart palpitations and other vital aspects of health.

If you are in significant chronic pain, I suggest that you seek a practitioner near you that offers ProKinetics Insoles. With that practitioner, I believe you will find a health care advocate who is willing to take the time to understand your medical history and treat you in a more holistic manner.

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD

Dr. Bernard Filner, MD, formerly Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at George Washington University Medical Center and now in private pain management practice in Rockville, Maryland

Dr. Gerald Smith, DDS

"These patients will just not get permanent pain relief from other treatments unless both the sources of posture distortions are addressed."

What I call "whole body dentistry" is not part of the current curriculum for dentists and orthodontists. Cosmetic dentistry in particular is focused on aligning the teeth for a better look. As the teeth are moved and straightened, the patient's bite may change which in turn can lead to serious musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain. Traditional dentistry requires extreme caution when fitting crowns, dental bridges and performing tooth extractions.

A change in the bite changes the pressures on the jaw and the maxilla which holds the upper teeth. This in turn modifies the sutures (attachments between the bones) of the skull and the shape of the occipital bone, which is the lower bone of the skull to which the spine is attached. These changes can cause descending postural distortion - in other words, something has happened above the neck that affects the posture from that point downward throughout the rest of the body. This isn't a big surprise. Imagine a ten-story building where the top three stories are shifted so the building is out of balance. It might start leaning which will cause even greater stresses on the floors below. Your body works the same way.

Sometimes shimming a tooth by as little as the thickness of a sheet of 24-pound paper significantly and positively changes the postural impact of the bite. I frequently see my patients achieve relief from back and knee pain when I adjust so that their bite is in balance.

Your feet have an even greater impact on posture, and most dentists are now aware that there is a connection between the feet, posture and TMJ dysfunction. What I deal with, and what I learned from Dr. Rothbart are the complications that can occur when you have mixed ascending and descending posture influences from the feet and the bite at the same time. These patients will just not get permanent pain relief from other treatments unless both the sources of posture distortions are addressed.

This was problematic in the past because traditional orthotics do not consistently improve posture. The Posture Control Insoles offer far greater predictability. The postural changes we observe based on these seemingly insignificant (compared to orthotics) insoles are nothing short of astounding.

By correcting the bite and postural foundation using Posture Control Insoles most patients can become pain free.

With great appreciation to Dr. Brian Rothbart whom I recently visited at his clinic outside Rome in Italy.

Dr. Gerald Smith, DDS

Dr. Gerald Smith is a recognized international authority on craniomandibular somatic disorders with a focus on resolving chronic pain. He is author of two landmark textbooks for professionals, Cranial-Dental-Sacral Complex and Dental Orthogonal Radiographic Analysis.
He has been an active member of the Holistic Dental Association since 1993, the president of the Holistic Dental Association and editor of their professional journal until 2005. He also served as president of the Pennsylvania Craniomandibular Society. 
Dr. Smith maintains a clinical practice, serving patients from around the world at his office in Langhorne Pennsylvania. 


Dr George Stylian DO

"Kinetic Technology™ is an entirely new way of helping the body to adapt to western living.

"Kinetic Technology™ is an entirely new way of helping the body to adapt to western living. Our feet were not built for shoes and smooth flat surfaces, yet in Western society we spend nearly 100% of our time walking on flat floors even if we are barefoot. We pay the price in the form of massive foot and posture related pain problems ranging from simple foot pain to complex postural compensation patterns that often lead to back surgery and dependence on pain medication. Barefoot walking in nature gives continuous and varied feedback to the entire foot, so the muscles controlling the feet adapt the foot to the ground.

There are several theories about how the postural muscles work, but there is no doubt that the sensations we feel, or the signals the brain receives from the bottom of our feet are critical to maintain healthy posture and body mechanics. This, I believe is why the Kinetic Technology™ in the ProKinetics Insoles is so effective in making my patients stronger, more agile, and pain free. The unique construction of these insoles restores the lost sensation from the inside of the forefoot which drives the brain response and muscle action."

Dr. George Stylian DO

George Stylian - D.O., Grad.Cert.Osteo.Paed. George Stylian has almost 30 years experience in practicing and teaching osteopathy at graduate and postgraduate levels. He is a faculty member of the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of ANZ. 
George Stylian graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy (B.C.N.O.), London (D.O.) and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne (Grad.Cert.Osteo.Paeds). 
Dr. Stylian is also the importer of ProKinetics products to Australia. 

Jenny Brogdon

"I was an avid athlete and champion high jumper in college.  A few years ago, I set my eyes on the Olympic Games and started training again.  My physical therapist suggested I get a pair of special insoles to improve my foot mechanics and gait.  After a few days wearing them in my regular business shoes, I put them in my track shoes.  I literally had to take my shoes off and take another look at the insoles, because I had more power than I had ever experienced.  My gait and sprint was more balanced and I just had a lot of extra power in my push off. Since then I have switched from the medical version of the Kinetic Technology™ to the Prokinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles, and they give me the same power, but with excellent arch support, which I need, and perfect cushioning.  Be sure to read the story of my coach, Bryan Hoddle. He had terrible knee pain that is now all gone.   Since I'm in the same town as Posture Dynamics, the makers of ProKinetics, I have appointed them to my team of experts to get me ready for the Games in London. 

Jenny Brogdon
Training for the 2012 Olympic Games
Olympia, WA

Jenny was the Oregon State High Jump champion 

Dr Petros Kattou, DO

Why do people have bad posture? Finally there is a known cause that can be specifically addressed.

Finally, an etiology (cause) for what Dr. J Gordon Zink DO labeled "Common Compensatory Patterns" has been established! What we have learned from the research by Dr. Brian Rothbart is that the root cause for most of the postural distortions we see in our chronically ill patients is Primus Metatarsus Supinatus (an elevated first metatarsal).

For 4 years prior to learning about Dr. Rothbart, I used other brands of insoles including proprioceptive insoles by KS Italia and PZ Healthmarque, but the teachings of Dr. Rothbart and Posture Control Insoles have given us better diagnostic tools, a root etiology and most importantly, a consistent and predictable tool for helping our patients to postural improvement and pain relief.

European osteopaths have long considered posture a critical element of good health. The postural connection to feet has been well established, but until obtaining the research by Dr. Rothbart we have lacked a full understanding of the connection between certain gait patterns and specific features (typically deficiencies) of the feet.

Dr. Rothbart is also on the leading edge in developing an understanding of the individual neuromuscular response to these features (bracers and releasers). Now we can diagnose and treat with confidence because for the first time we have orthotics, Posture Control Insoles, that give us a highly predictable outcome.

Our patients, Dr. Xydas and I thank you.

Dr. Petros Kattou, DO

Dr. Petros Kattou is an Osteopath specializing in posture related dysfunction and chronic pain. Dr Kattou practices in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Mike Bridges Multiple World Champion Weight Lifter

"When you squat 800 pounds, every joint in your body needs to be optimally aligned.  The ProKinetics® Natural Body Balance™ Insoles naturally help me align my feet and knees just right without me consciously having to alter my posture.   I wore my ProKinetics® Insoles to my first competition at the 2009 Pan American Games and I beat my previous world record in squat by 87 pounds.  Although my preparation for the event was right on schedule to maximize my strength, I feel certain that the confidence that comes with improved body mechanics and alignment allowed me to turn on every ounce of strength I needed to set my 23rd world record.  I like my ProKinetics and I recommend you try them!

Mike is a World IPF Champion, IPF World Record Holder, 2008 Masters World Champion with 4 Gold Medals, and 2007 World Bench Press Gold Medalist. He has broken over 100 combined Nationals and World Records in his storied career. Within the circuits of power lifting, Mike is known as "The Legend".  Mike entered his first power lifting competition in 1976 and broke a world record in his very first competition.  Since then Mike has competed in multiple weight classes and won every competition he has entered.  This year, at 52, Mike just won 4 gold medals in the Pan American Games.  Mike broke his prior world record by 87 lb. squatting 804 lb. (365.5 kg).  

Dr. Daniel Moroff, DC

Foot imbalances and bad posture is often the root cause of my patients' pain

Having been a professional athlete, I appreciate the difference between orthotics that just support the feet versus orthotics that enable the feet to do their job of providing a stable dynamic foundation for the body.

Posture Control Insoles® stimulate your muscles to do the work which clearly builds strength in your feet. This is in opposition to arch supports, which reduce motion of the feet and have more in common with a cast used to heal broken bones. Keeping muscles active and strong, even in your lower extremities and your feet is vital to good overall health.

An even more important aspect of Posture Control Insoles® is that they have a significantly higher impact on posture. That is why I recommend them to a high percentage of my patients. My job as a chiropractor is to get my patients well quickly with as few visits to my office as possible. Foot imbalances and bad posture is often the root cause of my patients' pain. When it is, Posture Control Insoles® prevent my patients from having to come back again... and again.

When I point out the range of disabilities that is caused by poor posture, my patients are frequently stunned. For example, poor posture can limit your ability to breathe correctly. If your chest is caved inward because of your imploded posture, you stop breathing normally with your diaphragm. Instead your breath will be shallow and fast using only the top of your lungs. You may end up hyperventilating which, according to Dr. Leon Chaitow DO, leads to anxiety ("Multidisciplinary Approaches To Breathing Disorders"). 

Speaking of wind, if you play wind instruments or sing, poor posture limits your endurance as well as you ability to reach high notes. Look at Barry Manilow's posture - no slouching there! 

Holistic dentists are realizing that poor posture can lead to Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction (misalignment of the jaw), commonly called TMJ or "clicking jaw". By the same token, inaccurate dental work can lead to neck and shoulder pain. 

Poor gait and posture can cause bunions and shin splints and a whole host of other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. 

Being based in Florida, I treat a huge number of golfers. When we restore their posture with Posture Control Insoles®, many of my patients find their golf game improving a lot. They are able to hit the ball harder and with more technical consistency. Over the past five years our staff has fit thousands of patients with Posture Control Insoles® and they have been effective for 99% of them. I could not say that for the orthotics I recommended before I discovered the Posture Control Insoles®.

Dr. Dan Moroff DC

Dr. Daniel Moroff has been in private practice for over 25 years. Exum Chiropractic is located in College Park, Orlando Florids.

Many of Dr. Moroff's patients are professional and amateur athletes, and he himself is a world champion baseball (NYY) player.

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