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ProKinetics® Insoles

  1. Medial Column Foot Systems: An innovative tool for improving posture

Elevated First Metatarsal

  1. Anatomy and Biomechanics of the First Ray

  2. Metatarsus Primus Supinatus: It's Etiology, Biomechanical Impact and Treatment


Foot functional issues

  1. The Effect of Forefoot and Arch Posting Orthotic Designs on First Metatarsophalangeal Joint Kinematics During Gait

  2. Calcaneocuboid joint and stability of the longitudinal arch of the foot at high gear and low gear push off

  3. Motion of the Calcaneus, Navicular, and First Metatarsal During the Stance Phase of Walking

  4. The Arches: Some Controversial Views

  5. Prevalence of Foot and Ankle Conditions in a Multiethnic Community Sample of Older Adults


Assessment and Measurement 

  1. A weight bearing method for determining forefoot posting for orthotic fabrication

  2. Metrecom Measurement of Navicular Drop in Subjects with Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

  3. Varus Malalignment of the Talar Neck. It's Effect on the Position of the Foot and Subtalar Motion

  4. Pressure Plate Analysis of the Medial Column Foot Insole: A statistical Study


Postural Alignment

  1. The effect of foot wedging on electromyographic in the erector spinae and gluteus medius muscles during walking

  2. An Innovative Approach to Treating Chronic Knee Pain: The Bio-Implosion Model

  3. Resolving Low back pain: The Foot Connection

  4. Excessive Pronation: A Major BioMechanical Determinant in the Development of Chondromalascia and Pelvic Lists


Arch Support and Orthotics

  1. Evolution of Foot Orthotics - Coherent Theory or Coherent Practise?

  2. Evolution of Foot Orthotics - Research Reshapes Long Standing Theory

  3. Effectiveness of Foot Orthoses on Treating Plantar Fasciitis